“Most people do not know what tooth contact lens is, how thick it is and how it is attached to the teeth,” says Dr. Noureddine, a dentist and founder of the Dr. Nour El Din Mostafa Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.
In detail, Dr. Noureddine, a Hollywood smile dentist, explains how to install the contact lenses in the following lines:
Dr. Noor defines the dental contact lens as a very thin crust of 1 to 10 to 2 milliliters, which is installed on the teeth to give the desired shape and color.
The advantages of this lens are summarized below,
The adhesive lens of the teeth is that it can be placed on the teeth without the preparation of the teeth because of the thickness of the ..
They can be changed, easily changed or modified at any time.
“This lens was manufactured abroad, specifically in Florida, USA,” said Dr. Noureddine, a dentist. “Today, this lens is being manufactured in dental contact lens manufacturers operating in Egypt. This made it easier for someone who wanted to get a Hollywood smile.
It is worth mentioning that the smile of Hollywood used to consume an entire month and perhaps more than a month, but today is done in a week or ten days a lot ..
How to choose the appropriate dental lens for you?
According to Dr. Nour El-Din Mustafa, the selection of the contact lens is based on several different measurements by the dentist, including the length of the face and presentation, where the professional dentist to divide the face to three-thirds and is measured every third of the three plus the measurement of distance Between the nose and mouth, and the distance between the eyes as well as puts a dentist in his teeth, “the color of white eye condition” when making a smile Hollywood ..
“There is a very large amount of accurate information that must be recognized by the cosmetic doctor to give the condition an excellent cosmetic result,” said Dr. Noureddine.
“There is no single line or uniform procedure in making Hollywood smile. There are many differences that must be taken into consideration by the dentist because each case is different,” said Dr. Noureddine.

What are Dental Contact Lenses?

Dental contact lenses are ultra-thin shells that are custom-made to fit over your existing teeth. They are made from a high-quality dental porcelain material that is designed to mimic the natural look and feel of your teeth. Dental lenses can be used to fix a variety of dental problems, including discoloration, misalignment, and chips or cracks.

How Do Dental Contact Lenses Work?

Dental lenses work by covering up the visible surfaces of your teeth, which can help improve their appearance. The treatment process usually involves two or three appointments with your dentist. During the first appointment, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and prepare them for the lenses. In the second appointment, the dental lenses will be placed over your teeth using a special dental adhesive. In some cases, a third appointment may be needed to make any necessary adjustments or refinements to the lenses.

Benefits of Dental Contact Lenses

Dental contact lenses offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved appearance: Dental lenses can help improve the appearance of your teeth by covering up imperfections and creating a more uniform look.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Dental lenses are made from a high-quality dental porcelain material that is designed to last for many years with proper care.
  • Conservative treatment: Dental lenses are a minimally invasive treatment option that requires little to no removal of natural tooth structure.
    Easy to maintain: Dental lenses can be cared for just like your natural teeth, with regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups.