Root canal treatment

?What is the definition of the dental nerve Is a group of tissues located in the heart of the tooth or tooth This area is also called the nerve chamber Neuropathy is divided into two types: Refractory tooth decay: The teeth are damaged and can be restored to normal. This is done by removing the effect or cause of inflammation, such as using dental fillings in the event of cavities Irritable tooth infertility: It affects the nerve of the teeth and the nerve cannot be returned to normal, in which case the tooth needs to pull the tooth nerve to get rid of inflammation But modern technology in dentistry has added a lot of techniques to facilitate dental treatment, the most important being the treatment of nerve, which increased its success rate from 85% too much higher proportions than before. but how! It is known that the channels of the nerves in the teeth is very small for the eye can see because of the naked due to the small size of the channels of nerve and branching and the old techniques relied on in the treatment of the nerve to remove the nerves and channels live in the nerve by pressing materials to close these channels in the face of doctors a great difficulty In access to these channels to close the small size, and may reach them not to see all channels, which affects the success of nerve treatment. But now these materials can be injected with modern techniques that leave no vacuum, which reduces the possibility of failure in treatment and also came the technology microscope, which gives the doctor a clear vision of the channels of the nerve in all details rather than before where it was based in the treatment of probability and panoramic Post-secondary