Dr. Nour El-Din Mostafa, a dental orthodontist and founder of the Dr. Nour El din Mostafa Center, always affirms that the center aims to reach the best therapeutic level in the Arab world. The Whitey Board of Directors always seeks to transfer all the latest international expertise and equipment to the Dr. Nour El din Mostafa Center so that the patient feels as if he is being treated abroad. ..
One of the most important steps to be taken by Dr. Noor at the Dr. Nour El din Mostafa Center is that the center is highly professional and efficient. It is the attention of the team and its expertise and the keenness to include the superior medical staff in each department of oral and dental treatment.
More specifically, Dr. Nour is very interested in the most important and sensitive sections of the White Dental Center, which is a dental implant department. Dr. Nour speaks about the team that includes the dental implants and says that ..
Doctor of Surgeon
– Dr and fixed fixtures
– Professor of mobile installations
– Doctor specializing in dental implants
Doctor of Audio
Dr. Nour explained that the team works together to reach a 99% success rate without exaggeration. This is ensured by the efficiency of the dental surgeons at the Dr. Nour El din Mostafa Center, who are estimated to have successfully developed 10,000 dental implants.