Dental implants

In the clinics of Dr. Nour El Din Mustafa, you can perform dental implants to replace your lost teeth and get permanent teeth without pain to give you a smaller appearance and maintain the youth of the face without any defects that you face later, unlike some formulas that affect neighboring teeth due to their reliance on dental cold, so the implant came as an ideal solution to compensate Tooth loss without affecting the adjacent teeth, and dental implants are done in two stages most of the time: the first is to prepare the bones to receive the implants and we use the latest types of implants in the world, followed by the installation of crowns. Dental implantation has become easier and more convenient than before due to the advancement in dental technology thanks to the three-dimensional ray device, which gives the doctor detailed rays of the jaw and bones, which contributed to the success of dental implants to reach higher rates than before, reaching 95% and more, and the center is unique in providing the immediate service of implants and fixtures. For appropriate cases, using the latest fixture manufacturing equipment in the world, Cerec System.