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Laser teeth whitening can not be done in those cases
Teeth whitening is one of the most desired procedures for those who want to beautify their teeth. In this article, we would like to point out that there is a difference between teeth whitening, Hollywood smile and cleaning teeth.
Laser teeth whitening process is done in a few minutes but it has some requirements that should be done before it begins, the process of laser teeth whitening should be done before cleaning the teeth of lime and deposits on the teeth .. After that the teeth are laser whitening, Plastic on the gums to protect it from any harmful effects of tooth whitening, which is placed on the teeth “hydrogen peroxide”, a high-oxidation material by the energy of laser teeth whitening without disturbing the teeth and the elimination of tooth sensitivity at the same time ..
Therefore, laser teeth whitening is closely related to the rehabilitation of the teeth before starting .. and is not directly to avoid bleaching damage ..
There are cases where there is a fluorescent spot because of the consumption of water wells can not remove these spots, as well as there are cases of stains due to the treatment of some types of antibiotics .. In this case is the work of cosmetic crust or contact lenses on the teeth to give the desired bleach in the end without damage to the teeth.