Periodontal treatment

If you suffer from too much gums when you smile, this means that you have a gummy smile and it is one of the reasons that may detract from the beauty of your laugh, which causes a problem of appearance and other form is the wide gums because they appear too much and therefore make your teeth look Short and small But the condition in which a gummy smile must be dealt with is when it causes the person to be distressed and embarrassed and affect his self-confidence and social life. The normal length of gums observed when laughing and smiling is between 1 and 2 millimeters, so you can start treating gingival smile if the length is more than 2 millimeters Therefore cosmetic dentistry introduced many different modern methods as a solution to this problem with the least time, effort and pain and the best result can be expected by cutting the gum through the laser and through the refinement of the shape of the gums by removing some of the excess tissue from the teeth, which is a common method of cosmetic and make teeth look More consistent and attractive. Gums can be cut in one small area or along the entire gums as needed for each case But what is the difference between cutting the gums with the gums and cutting the gums with surgery Enabled the laser to control more in sculpting the shape of the gums and beautification and thus gave better results have made it more popular. Because the pain is less and without bleeding at all compared to the surgical solution, and the laser helps tissue to heal immediately then will not need to use surgical threads after the operation, which means the speed of recovery and recovery period much less. Which replaced some long and tiring surgical procedures.