Our Team

Dr Nour Cheif Dentist

Dr.. Nour El-Din Mostafa is a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University in Egypt, and became a certified trainer at the International Society of Digital Imaging Berlin – Germany. He also obtained membership in the American Society for Cosmetic Dentistry, and in a few years became a member of the International Congress of Dental Implants – New York University – America, and he is the founder of the center and chief physician To supervise 52 doctors and consultants, members of different teaching staff in the most prestigious universities in the Middle East, and they have great experience in dealing with patients professionally. To become the largest center in the Arab world for cosmetic and dental implants.

Our Qualified Team

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Assistant Lecturer, Department of Fixed Prosthetics, Master of Fixed Prosthetics, Ain Shams University, Researcher at Kiel University, Germany, holder of the Australian equation, Australian
 Dr. Ahmed Mohsen

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Fixed Prosthodontic & Cosmetic Specialist . Cerec Specialist
Dr. Ahmed Essam

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Endodontic Specialist / Master Degree Holder Ain Shams University
Dr. Haithem Sobhy

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Periodontist And Implantopogist. Master Of Oral Medicine And Periodontology. Fellow Of ICOI . Member Of ITI
Dr. Kareem Hamdy