There are health and medical standards that must be dealt with your child from going to the dentist, especially in his first visit because it is of utmost importance because it is considered the first and lasting impression if it is not good your child will continue to suffer from the phobia of a dentist who suffers a large proportion Very young in their youth In the center of Dr. Nour El-Din Mustafa for children This is provided to children through a specialist doctor who has enough knowledge in how to deal with children are of course psychologically and psychologically different and this is available in the center of Dr. Nur El Din Mustafa and also through different equipment for regular clinics in terms of colors and the existence of spaces dedicated For children’s games where it helps to break the fear of the dentist in children and therefore choose the right doctor and the appropriate clinic is very necessary for children. There are criteria that a child must understand so that they can help him understand why he is visiting a dentist: Talk to him gently about the doctor’s job and what he’s doing, through cartoon scenes or streamlined YouTube videos . Do not talk to him about any painful positions such as toothache, Bing, padding or blood . You should tell him about your doctor’s appointment a while before you do not get angry or feel Do not exaggerate in rewarding the child or even in intimidation of the pain of his teeth in order to go with you to the doctor, but make it simple and smooth and balanced, Let him bring one of his favorite games to the doctor’s office, and tell him amusing tales about the cleanliness and care of teeth, to avoid boredom and not spend time waiting and fear. These standards are being tried with all mothers so that their children do not get infected with the phobia of the dentist.