Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in Dr. Nour al-Din Mustafa is subject to several criteria in order not to affect the strength of the teeth, causing the erosion of the enamel layer or sensitivity to it later, and this is done through multiple techniques, namely laser teeth whitening and zoom, as these methods are more effective than other natural dental prescriptions such as charcoal and turmeric, which you may think Some are useful for teeth, the method of teeth whitening is done by placing a rubber piece at the gum to protect it, then placing the bleaching material that contains natural acids, and then applying the gel designated for the laser,Which causes the minerals inside it to accelerate to activate it, to convert the whitening gel into oxygen, where the enamel of the teeth is covered so that the bleaching gel penetrates into the different levels of the tooth, thus whitening the tooth by 5-6 times white from the above, and the whitening process takes about an hour. The period of time for the continuation of the whitening period is about a year, knowing that the teeth return to yellowing again, which may be overlooked by some as they have a perception that whitening may last for very long periods such as a cosmetic veneer. Dr. Noor Center is the best place for teeth whitening and access To the ideal and cosmetic shape of her, and you can also easily get the smile of celebrities, or what is called it. Hollywood smile.