Why Laser Teeth Whitening Does Not Cause Allergies?

The tooth whitening of old was suffering from many side damage due to the sensitivity of their teeth produced by the use of hydrogen peroxide, which was used in the procedures of teeth whitening ..
Today, however, with the technological progress and the emergence of laser therapy technology in various medical fields, laser has emerged with its benefits and achievements in the field of oral and dental medicine. This has led to a rapid process of bleaching, in addition to controlling bleaching procedures to be suitable for every age. It does not lead to the heat that harms the delicate teeth of the patient. Rather, the laser is a substance that treats this sensitivity and eliminates it completely. It is worth mentioning that the laser used in teeth whitening is called diode laser, a kind of laser that differs from blue light, Some dental beauty centers ..
The substance used in laser teeth whitening or blue light is also hydrogen peroxide, but the difference here is the method of using the material in a manner that does not affect the penetration of teeth and does not affect the bones of the teeth or its internal composition and does not cause complications in the long term ..