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About Dr Nour

Dr. Nour El Din Mostafa Center Is One Of The Largest Dental Clinics All Over The World Constructed In Egypt On An Area Over 2000 M2, Having More Than 20 Dental Clinics And 250 Employees. Our Dental Team Composed Of Highly Qualified Consultants And Specialists Having Respectful Well Known International Degrees As Australian And American Board, Masters And Ph.D. Degrees And Membership Of Royal College Of Eden Bar. Dr Nour Center Cofounded By Dr. Nour El-Din Mustafa In 2000 Based On The ‎Idea Of “Immediate Cosmetic Dentistry Without Pain” Instead Of ‎Visiting The Dental Clinic More Frequently To Do ‎The Cosmetic Procedure. Now The Patient Can Get All The Necessary ‎Treatment Immediately Without Feeling Any Pain, Just By One Or ‎Two Visits

Certified Dentists


16 Clinics


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250 Employees


Dr.Nour El-Dein Mustafa

Dr. Nour El-Din Mustafa is one of a few dentists in Egypt who ‎specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry individually, as this ‎specialization does not exist in the Egyptian universities, but ‎there is the only university which located at New York that Dr. Nour ‎is a member of its global congress for a dental implant.‎ Dr. Nour Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University‎. He is Specialized in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry‎. He is a member of the American Society Dentistry‎. Also, Dr. Nour is a member of the world congress of the dental ‎implant – New York University‎. Dr. Nour is a cosmetic dental fillings developer, he developed the ‎cosmetic teeth filling in a manner that preserve its integrity, ‎function, and appearance within founding Dr. Nour El Din Mostafa Center.‎ Dr. Nour is highly caring about transferring the most dental ‎technology by importing the latest devices for dental cosmetic ‎from the U.S.A, in addition to contracting with the largest dental ‎laboratory for teeth manufactory in the world. This has ‎contributed to giving high-quality cosmetic procedures for Dr. Nour El Din Mostafa Center visitors in just one hour, and perhaps in a few minutes, ‎you can get a healthy Hollywood smile without feeling pain.‎ This technology that Whity Dental Clinic applied, has erased the ‎firm believe that printed in the public awareness about visiting ‎dental clinics.