Crowns and bridges

By using the most modern computerized implants manufacturing equipment in the world (Cerec), we were able, with the expertise of our specialist doctors, to provide the most accurate and fastest cosmetic formulations, by using digital imaging technology instead of traditional prints, which many patients do not like and may affect the accuracy of the manufacture of fixtures, which ultimately leads to many problems Such as not tightening the fixtures around the teeth, which leads to tooth decay, gum infections, and unpleasant odors that accompany the accumulation of food residues.It is worth noting that the cases that need to replace the teeth with crowns or bridges are nerve-drawn teeth that are more prone to fracture under severe pressures, in addition to replacing lost teeth in some cases that are not suitable for implantation, as well as teeth that have been damaged as a result of severe decay and fracture, which are difficult to replace with regular fillings. Also, crowns and bridges are used in the treatment of severe tooth wear, which results in an imbalance in the dishes, which leads to problems in the jaw joint and difficulty in chewing food. Treatment of genetic dental anomalies that affect the enamel layer, in size and strength, and requires the protection of teeth with cosmetic formulations.