Dental implants at the Dr. Nour El Din Mostafa Center are cared for by the Board of Directors of the Dr. Nour El Din Mostafa Center. The most important feature of this concern is the inclusion of the largest number of dentists specializing in fixed and mobile structures in particular.
Hence, it is necessary to clarify the difference between the dentist specialized in the development of fixed structures, which is the formation of crowns or the installation of pillars called bridge, which is placed on the teeth that surround the fixed structure to install and support well…
The dentist is the one who is responsible for the development of dental prostheses such as partial or complete dental kits or a one-year kit, as well as adjusting the bite pressure of the teeth naturally.
And those specialties are important in the department of dental implants because there are cases where cannot be implanted teeth and then the situation is compensated by the best solutions is the work of fixed or mobile combinations as needed.