Hollywood Smile

In the center of Dr. Nour El Din Mostafa You can beautify your teeth and get a celebrity smile through the “Veneers”, which are used with the best international techniques through the materials of zirconia and emacs. The characteristics of imacs are characterized by qualities similar to natural teeth characteristics, such as reflect part of the light and absorb part of it and pass the third part The front teeth give a natural look and this is the true definition of dental beautification, as no one around you knows that you have made a change in your teeth. Which may be overlooked by some in the cosmetic surgery that the beauty must be done by a specialist and must be done through the stages of the minute because it ultimately affect the success or failure of the cosmetic stages: – Smile design – Smile analysis It is also not known that the choice of smile is determined by several criteria: The length of the face, the distance between the eyes, the size of the nose, the color of the whiter eyes until the smile is obtained suits you and fits for your face

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