Illuminate – usually you deserve the best.

To be special may require effort, but to be a pioneer requires more than that.
Our team worked more than 150 hours and paid attention to all the details, to give you high-quality veneers, that give you the most beautiful smile with a natural appearance.

Illuminate Veneers, why is it the best?

When preparing Illuminate veneers, all the instructions were followed step by step, starting from analyzing the smile and designing the best smile shape that fits all the details of your face.
Then we committed to preparing the product by dental professors who specialize in preparing veneers, choosing the best materials used globally and manufacturing them with the latest technologies, then drawing them by hand in a beautiful image, layer by layer to give the best and completely natural appearance.

Ordinary veneers vs Illuminate veneers.

The difference between a product that’s made by hand and a product that’s made using different machines is huge and obvious.
Handmade makes you always pay attention to the smallest details that can be simple but give a clear difference in the result.
Illuminate is a special product for Dr. Nour clinics, which were prepared by the professors of different universities in Egypt.
The quality of preparation is the main factor in obtaining a healthy and long-life product.
As for the manufacturing stage – we care about building the teeth layer by layer with great care, then this product is presented again to the scientific team who prepared it to hand it over literally after testing and ensuring that it is in the best possible image that can preserve the function of the teeth.

All these details make the end product actually different and special for you.