The traditional teeth whitening recipes commonly used to whiten teeth at home are necessary to raise awareness against their risks to prove damage caused by these dental recipes

Dentist Nur El-Din Mustafa says that teeth whitening and yellowing or any stains may appear as a result of following bad habits such as coffee, tea and cigarettes, without paying attention to dental washing, as well as foods of different colors and dyes are easy and simple things in the world of dentistry, Placing a plastic material on the gums to protect it from the “hydrogen peroxide”, which has high concentration and penetrates the tooth through the laser energy. This material is left over the teeth for several minutes and then removed in no more than an hour. Put any anesthetic ..
Dr. Nour adds that teeth whitening, which is based on the proportion of whiteness or darkening of the skin and hair color to reach the appropriate whitening of the individual ..
It is worth mentioning that the dental whitening process performed by the dentist should be preceded by cleaning the teeth of lime and sediments that are found on the teeth in a few minutes before bleaching ..
Dr. Noureddine is advised not to go beyond the common sayings about teeth whitening recipes on the Internet such as white charcoal recipes, bicarbonate soda, lemon or honey with salt, there is no proven scientific evidence of the effectiveness of these traditional recipes and their safety on tooth enamel, Dr. Nour said that all these recipes are harmful to teeth and do not help them at all and remove a layer of enamel teeth and cause allergies to them ..