There are some cases where teeth can not be implanted without the preparation and processing of the gums that will be implanted in the dental implants .. This is because dental implants are completely on the bones of the jaws, and if there is not enough bone in the jaw should not be a doctor to implant teeth is yours ..
Dental implants should be done by a dentist who specializes in dental implants because there are important steps that the regular dentist is not aware of. At the Dr. Nour El Din Center, we are very concerned that dental implants are supervised by four specialist physicians who consult on the proper implantation of teeth. Do not happen, God forbid, any defect hurts the patient.
Dental implants also need to be taken immediately after the removal of the teeth, because the bones are present in the jaws and have not disappeared over time.
One of the conditions of dental implants that we are interested in at the Dr. Nour El Din Mostafa Center is to sterilize the process of agriculture in a superior quality so as to avoid the transmission of any infection that may harm the implantation of teeth later ..